Sunday Setlist for HBC – 2/12/12

We Gather to Sing and Share        

From the Inside Out

Time of Fellowship

How He Loves

We Gather to Read, Reflect, and Train

Scripture Reading & Time of Prayer

Children’s Message

Written in Red, Adult Choir

We Gather to Praise Him

How Deep the Father’s Love for Us

Amazing Love (You Are My King)

Offering Prayer & Offering

We Gather to Listen and Respond

Message – Real Relationships: Marriage (Genesis 2:18-25)

Song of Response, I Give You My Heart

Continuing in our “Real Relationships” series, we are looking at marriage.  And, since this was the Sunday prior to Valentine’s Day, I was led to use some songs about love and focus our hearts on our Heavenly Father.  On this particular day, we took out all of the choir chairs and choir rails.  We decorated the platform with a trellis, ferns, unity candle, ribbons at the end of the pews and window decorations as if there was a wedding planned.

We sang “From the Inside Out” (our sermon series theme song) to open the service this week.  After the fellowship time, we sang through the John Mark McMillian modern-classic, “How He Loves” (made popular by the David Crowder Band).  We sang the song in the key of C, and for my taste, is a tad too high at the peak of “Chorus 2” but its good to stretch the congregational vocal range once in a while.  The peak is an F at the top of the treble clef, and you find that in some hymns from the 1991 Baptist Hymnal.

After the scripture reading and children’s time I read a passage of scripture from 1 John as the choir made their way up to the platform.  They were seated in the congregation for the beginning of the service.  They stood in a two row formation and sang “Written in Red” from memory.  We worked on this for about four weeks and it was familiar enough for them as I have sung that song every Sunday surrounding Valentine’s Day since I’ve been here.  They did a great job and their attention and focus was at an all-time high…imagine…heads that are not buried in folders bring better focus on the director!  I know..amazing, right?!

We continued with congregational singing with “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us” and “You Are My King (Amazing Love)” and I sang a wedding song, “When I Say I Do” by Matthew West from the piano during the offertory.  After my song, we showed a minute-long video suggesting that we re-think the true meaning of marriage.

Our song of response was “I Give You My Heart” which was a very fitting closing to our time together.

Hear our Pastor’s message “Real Relationships: Marriage” here.


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