Set List: Easter Pageant Style







Another year, another Easter pageant.   Different this year I decided to create a custom pageant with music that I chose, not what came from a book.  Here is a list of the songs I chose and why.

Messiah (presented by FBC Paris March 2012)

Overture: O Come O Come Emmanuel (Casting Crowns Cover) arr by Jared Haschek

I decided to focus on the aspect of Jesus prophesied to be Messiah, therefore it was extremely fitting to open with this traditional Christmas song. 

Shout for Joy by Dan and Heidi Goeller

A very up beat setting of Psalm 100!  Easy to memorize.

Your God Will Come by Nick Robertson arr. C Duren

This song was key to the pageant this year. It set the stage, so to speak, for the rest of the presentation.  Again the thought was to focus on the prophetic nature of Jesus’ coming.

Blessed Be by Robert Sterling

Very Pentecostal-ish in style, band driven and repetitive. We used this as a piece of transition for our flashback scenes of Jesus’ miracles. 

Sing Hosanna, Sing! by John Chisum arr D Williamson

The traditional best selling anthem from Word publishers.  Great triumphal entry anthem.

Beneath a Cross arr by Marty Hamby

This is a crowd favorite; a 10 plus minute song that starts with Pilate and the crown condemning Jesus and moves through the walk to Golgotha with Simon of Cyrene.

Behold the Lamb arr. J Logan

The traditional Dottie Rambo melody set with new harmony (post 20th Century).  Just the chorus; sang as Jesus hung on the cross. 

Surely He Has Borne Our Griefs by Lloyd Larson

Great anthem about Jesus suffering.

God So Loved the World by Dan Goeller

Sang this as Jesus came off the cross.  Tried to imagine it as angels singing over the blackness of Jesus’ physical death.  Awesome arrangement of the John 3:16-17. 

Arise by Kathy Frizzell arr by D Hart

Jesus need to rise sometime.  One of the best resurrection songs I have ever heard.  Period.

What Grace is Mine by Kristyn Getty arr T Fettke

Set to the Londonderry Air tune, this song paints a stark reality of what is ours when we come to Christ.

Finale: Worthy the Lamb (by  W. Gaither arr C Kirklland) with Something’s Happening and I’ve Just Seen Jesus  (Kyla Rowland arr Mike Speck and C Duren)

Go big, or go home.  Great finale; all we could say is “I’ve just seen Jesus and I’ll never be the same again.”


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