I Am So Frustrated!

As a minister, can you ever say those words: “I am so frustrated”?  Jesus showed His temper, so why can’t we at the appropriate times?

Well, Jesus was angry at things that were unholy and we are typically angry at people or situations people put us in, or situations we put ourselves in.

I’m not frustrated (at the time of this post) so I can clearly think of this in the right mindset.

In the day and age of social media, its not like we can post on facebook or twitter something like: “Boy I sure HATE who I work with” or…”my boss…he’s a jerk!”.  We would be eaten alive by the congregation for having those thoughts.  But, sometimes, on our worst days, we have those thoughts.  We’re human.

So, how do we vent?  Where do we turn when our head is about to explode and we are at our wits end with situations in our ministry and church?  I made a small list of ideas and I’d like your input.  What are some thing see can do when we either need a break or feel like we can barley keep our head above water?

1) Prayer – Keep Him first in all you do and you are more likely to stay level-headed.  Prayer is the key to all things and without our emotions will be going 100 MPH in all directions.

2) Quiet Time – Much like prayer, without your quiet time with God, your attitude will be bad.  People can see it, you can see it, and God sees it.  Start out each day by giving Him all of you.

3) Staff Meetings/Communication – These cannot be understated.  These meetings – if ran correctly – can change your attitude and improve staff morale.  Good communication builds us up just like bad communication tears us down.

4) Family Time – A wise pastor once told me that if I’m paying more attention to the congregation on Main Street in Hawesville instead of the one where I live, my priorities are wrong.  If I cannot keep my family in order, I cannot keep my ministries in order.  Church members, please encourage your pastors to spend more time at home.  It will strengthen his ministry.

5) Conference – Get away for a conference that will refuel you, not necessarily make your ministry better with the latest music and A/V info.  Focus on you at these conferences, first and then if your budget allows, focus on your ministries.

6) Leave work early one day – take advantage of a clear, spring day and take your family to the park, go golfing, or enjoy a long drive (on a scooter, due to gas prices).  Don’t take advantage of the church and the time – get your job done – but a nice break once a month of clocking out early is good for your mind!  (Just communicate this with your pastor)

7) Plan a staff outing for fun – Plan a night to host the staff at your house for dinner, go bowling, or go to a concert.  These could make memories that last a lifetime.

8) Take a vacation Sunday – Much needed.  Enough said.  But, I would like to encourage congregations to give more vacation time to its staff.  2 weeks seems to be the norm, but just because something is the norm, doesn’t make it correct.

9) Start a blog – If you need to vent, start a journal or a private blog to share your feelings.  Keep it private and between only you and God.  Pray before and after each entry.  God can reveal some mighty things to you through this.

10) Find a mentor – Seek out someone you can trust.  We’ve written about mentors before on this site.  They can be of great help.  Just make sure the person you pray about and end up asking has a heart to be a mentor.  Many can be good listeners but you must trust them with everything and make sure their advice is Biblical.

What are some other ideas??  Please comment below!


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