Transitioning to a New Church

Hello Again! It’s been awhile since I have had the time to write an article for the blog. Well I still don’t have time…but sometimes you just make time. Since I last wrote an article I have transitioned to a new church. I am now the Worship Pastor at Corinth Baptist Church in London, KY. I started on March 26th so I am still trying to figure out where my desk is but here are a couple quick reflections I have had.

1. It is much easier to stay where you are at. The problem is that is not always what God wants you to do. My family and I LOVED the church we left. We thought our daughter would grow up in that home, neighborhood, and that community of faith. There were fill-in grandparents, praise team & choir, and staff friendships that we cherish deeply. You have to sell your house. Your wife has to get a new job. New childcare arrangements. The easy thing would be to stay. However when God calls you somewhere He also takes care of the details. We went through a 5 month process of seeking the Lord, taking a step of faith, seeking the Lord, taking a step of faith, and so on. He confirmed this was His will for us. God doesn’t call us to a life of ease, He calls us to take up our cross and follow Him. Sometimes that is staying put where you are at. Sometimes that is going on a new journey with Him. We are excited about this new journey!!!

2. God is God in Danville / Harrodsburg, London, and where you live too! I have continually been reminded through this process that God is with me and that if He doesn’t show up I will fall flat on my face. This is both scary and comforting at the same time. Ever been there? Are you putting yourself in position for God to work through you or can you accomplish everything you do in your own power? This doesn’t mean you need to move churches however it may mean you need to step out of your comfort zone. God is sovereign and He is involved in even the most minute details of our lives. He wants us to trust Him. After all we are just the vessels, He is the one who does the work.

3. Let God move you and not the other way around. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God moved me to Danville and London. Before we moved to Danville I was searching for a new place to serve however I had never heard of or made contact with Immanuel Baptist. The pastor called me out of the blue one day when I had nearly given up on a finding something. It wasn’t until I quit searching and trying to force things that God decided to move us. No amount of my human effort worked. The pastor had gotten my name from another pastor friend who had been in revival at my church some time before. Lesson: be faithful to serve the people where you are at and leave the rest to God. He will move you in His time, in His way, for your good, and His glory! Fast-forward 4-5 years to today…I had no intentions of leaving Immanuel. My family was happy, ministry was good, life was great! An opportunity came my way “out of the blue” from a friend who had went to a new church. The committee called, we talked, sought the Lord, He changed our hearts, planted a new vision for ministry within us, and the rest is history. Be faithful where you are at and let God do the moving. He’s really good at it!


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