Refuel 2012 – Why I Went

This past week, my wife and I attended the Refuel conference at Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, VA.  There are a few reasons I attended:

1 – It was free.  My church gives their staff a budget amount to attend a conference each year.  I used that budget to pay for gas/hotel.

2 – I use their music in worship.  Our church sings several RedTie songs in our worship services.  Music Leaders who use the music got an invite to come to a pre-conference for worship leaders only.

3 – I have always wanted to attend TRBC and the Liberty University campus.  I have seen their services online several times and thought this would be a nice trip.

4 – It fit perfectly in my church calendar.  Easter was over…school is out…several weeks before any of my major summer activities.

5 – My Pastor just resigned.  Mark’s last Sunday is May 27, so this is a PERFECT time to be “refueled” in my ministry.

6 – I had the opportunity to meet/hear Lance Witt, Jonathan Fallwell, Charles Billingsley, Rick Warren, James MacDonald and more all in one space.  Not saying I support all they say and stand for, just an interesting group of speakers.

7 – I wanted to take advantage of a conference for my personal ministry, and not my church ministry.  Let me explain.  Some conferences are built to grow your churches/ministries by previewing new materials, telling you how to run effective choir rehearsals, and studying the latest technology out there.  This conference was about me.  Specifically, my relationship with God, my attitude, my challenges, my strengths and weaknesses.

8 – Time with my wife.  My mom and Sarah’s dad were gracious enough to watch the kids and my wife and I were able to travel, eat, and sleep without the kiddos…which was bittersweet.  As parents know, you understand you need a break, so you take one.  When you travel without your kids, all you do is talk about them.  Sarah just finished her first year of homeschooling the kids, so this was a much needed break for her sanity, too.

9 – I have an opportunity of a fresh start.  My Pastor is leaving and a new one will come.  The church will change.  This is a good time to look at myself and style of ministry.  It is always god to analyze “you”…and what “you” do.

10 – I wanted to go.  I simply wanted to go.  I encourage all churches to allow their staff to attend a conference.

I will be sharing specifics about the conference later next week.  I have a lot of notes and hopefully videos will be posted online by then.


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