Refuel 12 – Worship Leader Pre-Conference Summary (Part One)

After driving 10 1/2 hours from Hawesville to Lynchburg on Sunday, Monday morning I rested and then went to Thomas Road BC for the Worship Leader pre-conference.  Those Music Leaders who had purchased RedTie music from TRBC in the past received an invite to this special pre-conference.

There were about 30 folks who attended.  Upon registering, they had prepared these gift bags for us…

In the first of two roundtable workshops, we talked about these things (led by Charles Billingsley and Scott Bullman):

  • When you are discouraged, it means you need a clarity of vision.
  • Use the “7th Mentioning” when working with your Pastor (by mentioning a need/issue 7 times to your Pastor, it eventually becomes their idea and they move with it).
  • Stop worrying about receiving credit…just get the job done.
  • Book reference – John Maxwell’s Daily Reading
  • Great leaders make decisions based on vision or fear.
  • If you set your Pastor up to succeed, you will succeed.
  • Remember your Pastor’s good days, not his bad.
  • Called the music minister the #2 guy…
  • Execute plan and vision – help formulate it by showing: loyalty, humility, confidentiality, consistency, honesty, security, creativity, sensitivity, diplomacy.
  • You’re #1 in your department, but #2 in the church
  • See the importance of big & small tasks
  • Professional significance is separate from personal significance
  • motivation to succeed must come from within
  • The #2 guy will S.E.E. (Support, Empower, Equip)
  • Change often requires us to reassess and retool
  • Building a proper team is more about “who” and then “what”
  • Get people on our team who’s strengths compliment our weaknesses
  • Get the right people in the right “seats on the bus”
  • Getting the right team means less time managing
  • Wrong team = irrelevant vision
  • focus on biggest opportunities, not problems
  • put a high value on team work
  • A/V guys should be “service-minded”

Part two and the rest of the conference summary coming soon!


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