Refuel 12 – Worship Leader Pre-Conference Summary (Part Two)

This is post 2 of 2 in the Worship Leader pre-conference review of the Refuel conference at Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, VA.  Part 1 was posted here.

  • Choir directors are 80% cheerleader and 20% technician
  • Develop 7 Core Values of your Team (Commitment to scripture, prayer, worship, etc)
  • Use your choir as a praise team
  • Do an “atmosphere of worship” sermon series if there is no lifestyle of worship in your church
  • Book reference – “Called to Worship” by Vernon Whaley (LU worship professor)
  • You can’t “do” worship until you have a Biblical understanding of what it is.
  • Congregations need a “visual” worship experience…good facial expressions on platform
  • We must paint the picture for the congregation
  • Use Planning Center Online (also investigate the new iPad lyric presentation software)
  • On Wednesday, we prepare the meal and on Sunday, we feast.  Use the time Wednesday to train up and use Sunday as worship only
  • The choir has a responsibility to teach a song (and sing it well)
  • Use events like “A Night of Worship” to teach new worship songs for the coming year. (Use the first half to teach and the second half of the service to worship).
  • Ever thought about using key section leaders on a mic in choir rehearsals to help speed up the teaching process?
  • At TRBC you can only be in the praise team if you’ve sung in the choir for 4-6 months (and continue to sing in the choir when you are not in the current week’s praise band rotation).
  • People make the dangerous assumption that if you are holding a mic, you’re close to Jesus.  So, get to know your team and make sure they are, too…
  • What to do when you are not singing in a worship song (interlude): be privately engaged in conversation with the Lord.
  • Everything on the platform needs to be natural
  • Our singers need confidence (coming from properly planned and efficient choir rehearsals).
  • The way you look is a huge part of how you feel.
  • People will treat you the way you allow them to.
  • The more ownership your team feels, the more engaged they are.
  • Let them know, this is YOUR (as in the choirs, praise teams, congregations) ministry.
  • When a dis-engaged team member is removed from the team, the climate greatly changes.
  • 57% of ministers view pornography on a weekly basis.
  • The sooner we have difficult conversations, the better our day goes.
  • Know your desired result when dealing with tough conversations.
  • Focus on a result from the people (not a reaction).
  • BOOK REFERENCE: Death By Meeting
  • When we are not doing our quiet time/devotions it is like God saying to us “Why do you not want to be in My presence?”
  • Love, train, encourage and lead your people to Jesus
  • It all starts with prayer
  • What’s most important as a worship leader is to take people to where we’ve already been (at the throne of God).

3 thoughts on “Refuel 12 – Worship Leader Pre-Conference Summary (Part Two)

  1. This is awesome, I wish I would’ve attended to get a full understand of what some of it means, but I have to ask this in particular: What is meant by “choir directors are 80% cheerleader & 20% technician”??

    • Thanks so much for the comments! I apologize that its taken a little bit to respond. I’ve just transitioned to a new church, so I’m running behind on the blog!

      It’s been a while since the conference, but from what I can remember, the leaders were talking about how we, as choir directors or worship leaders are 80% cheerleaders in rehearsals. THeir point was that they spend 80% of their time encouraging and leading through positivity and only 20% being technical musically (fixing parts, etc). Not sure I agree with this…but hope this clears up that statement. And THANKS for reading the blog!

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