Refuel 12 – Lance Witt, Replenish

On Tuesday of the conference, our first session was with Lance Witt, who was formerly an executive pastor at Saddleback Church with Rick Warren.  He is the founder of Replenish ministries.

Learn more about Lance here.

Lance led us in a session called “Live and Lead Well”.  Here are some interesting points from his workbook and my notes:

  • Our obsession with success and ambition are toxins that sometimes poison our soul.
  • Over 1,500 Pastors leave the ministry every month
  • Goals of hard work, ambition and pleasing people can wreck our soul
  • We should focus on living – not just leading – well
  • Self-care is not selfish – it is stewardship
  • Spent a lot of time talking about observing the Sabbath (prepare, stop, rest, delight, and worship)
  • Make “health” a priority for your team
  • Value personal care
  • Build community
  • Develop a leadership team covenant
  • Practice the presence of people
  • Healthy churches are built by healthy leaders
  • When we pay more attention to growing the church than our soul, we have a discord with Jesus
  • We’re in charge of our faithfulness to God and God is in charge of what to do with it
  • Some worship the provision instead of the Provider
  • Jesus got His next set of directions in solitude – not the business of life
  • When we get quiet internally – God gets loud internally
  • The needs of your ministry will ALWAYS outnumber your space for ministry
  • We read love letters relationally – not academically.  We need to read God’s Word both ways

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