New “Song Studio” from RedTie Music

We have written about RedTie Music several times on this site.  One of its founders, Travis Doucette, has even written a guest blog post for us, found here.

I recently met the entire RedTie Music staff at the Refuel conference which I have written about here.  A few weeks ago, RedTie Music started a new video blog called “Song Studio” on their website giving the story behind the song and a demonstration.  If you are familiar with the New Song Cafe from, it is similar to that.

Check out this link, or view the video below to the first video blog on Travis Doucette’s new song, “King of Glory” he co-wrote with Brandon Sharp.

I hope this turns into a general practice with all of their new songs…they could even backtrack a little and do one for some of their most popular songs, too. It would be great to see one for “God of the Ages” and/or “Defender”, etc.

Follow RedTie on twitter here and follow Travis on twitter here.


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