The Last 10…

I’ve been on the job for 5 months at my church and I am constantly getting new boxes from choral clubs and worship subscription companies.  If there is a club… we are subscribed to it.  I’m trying to get an idea of which to keep and which to cut.  It is a seemingly endless task to go through all the CD’s that come in the mail.  If you are anything like me you go through several different emotions.  1.  guilt – I can’t just throw this stuff away.  (Which is my first reaction.)  2.  overwhelmed – There is really no time to spend on looking through these piles of music.

In the past (I’ll be honest), I rarely listened to these CD’s.  I could typically get good ideas from my friends in ministry and other online resources for the 15 or so anthems I did each year.   However, now I have a choir that sings nearly 48 out of 52 weeks a year.  I now need to be much more proactive in finding good, biblical music for my group.

I’ve always wished that someone would just cut through the fluff (Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer – was literally in a recent choral publication) and give me a snapshot of what I need to take a look at.  Dennis does a great job of keeping us up to date on this site with the goings on of the church choir landscape.

Here are my most recent anthem orders…

1.  Jesus Saves (Cottrell) – Brentwood Benson

2.  Defender (Doucette) – Red Tie / Lifeway / Thomas Road

3.  For Sinners Slain (Doucette) – Red Tie / Lifeway / Thomas Road

4.  Holy is the Name – Red Tie / Lifeway / Thomas Road

5.  By His Wounds (Powell / Isaiah 53) – Word Music

6.  A Mighty Fortress (Nockels) – PraiseGathering

7.  All to Us (Tomlin) – Brentwood Benson

8.  We Will Remember (Walker) – Word Music

9.  All Because of the Cross (Sterling) – Word Music

10.  I Am Persuaded (Cottrell) – Brentwood Benson


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