The “Song of the Month” Series

When I came to Corinth in April, I began a series called “Song of the Month.”  Basically, I introduce 1 new song (not necessarily brand new, but new to our congregation) per month for us to really get to know as a congregation.  I have had numerous comments about how much people like it.  A lot of times worship pastors find a good song to fit with a certain service then move on to a completely new song the next week before people ever get to know it.  A typical congregation is probably not going to get the full gravity of what a song says on the 1st or maybe even 2nd time it is used in worship.  I have been guilty of moving on to another song too quickly more times than I care to admit!!!  When I came to Corinth I knew it had been a historically traditional church.  However, I have found that the people are hungry for a more blended worship service.  Yet, if I just came in and did all new music…I probably wouldn’t be around long 🙂  So I decided to pick one song each month that either 1) went along with the pastor’s sermon series or 2) was a song that our congregation needed to know.  I have people tell me all the time how much they like the “song of the month” series because they actually get to know the truth in the song.  It has been my experience over the years (in various congregations) that people are not necessarily opposed to new songs themselves.  What they are opposed to is usually how we “do” them or “introduce” them.  (Obviously, there are some folks with preferences so strong you will never reach them).  However, I have learned that if the song is biblically saturated and you give the congregation a chance to get to know the song they will typically embrace the song or at least be mature and accept it on its merit.  Our problem as worship leaders is that we are often too impatient.  (Let me testify!!) I’m constantly fighting the temptation to move on to another song too quickly before my congregation is ready.  I heard someone say that when we are sick of a song – our congregation may just be getting it.  I thought that was pretty good advice.

We do other new songs here and there but the “song of the month” is a constant for us to help us really get to know what a song is saying and fully embrace the meaning.  Also it helps us to guard against moving too fast.  Ministry is a marathon and not a sprint.

Here are the songs we have done so far…

April 2012 – The Power of the Cross (Getty / Townend) – Easter season

May 2012 – Your Great Name (N. Grant) – Great song on K-Love…

Here is a link to a previous article on this song

June 2012 – Holy Spirit (Getty / Townend) – Pastor was preaching through a series on the Holy Spirit entitled “Holy Spirit: Got Questions?”  Worked great in helping us understanding the Holy Spirit’s role in our lives and our church.

July 2012 – Jesus, Thank You (Sczebel) – One of the core songs I have used over the past 5-6 years.  Gospel-centered.  Favorite line “once Your enemy, now seated at Your table.”

August 2012 – I Have a Shelter (Sov Grace) – From the Come Weary Saints CD.  Sermon series was on “The Cost of Discipleship”.  Themes were tribulation, division, misunderstandings, etc.  Jesus is the shelter in the storm!

September 2012 – Christ is Able (Harland / Walker) – This song written in 2009 could have easily appeared in a 1950’s hymnal.  Great modern hymn with a gospel feel.

*October 2012 – Upcoming – 10,000 Reasons (Redman).


One thought on “The “Song of the Month” Series

  1. I love your leadership in our worship. All the “new” songs have been great. I started to say “don’t change anything” but more appropriately I say “change whatever you feel is good for our church worship”. When I need to have something done, I like to hire an expert for the job. I believe we hired an expert as our “Worship Pastor” and I, for one, am going to stay out of your way and let God lead you to lead our services. This comes from someone who cannot sing (not even hum) but loves music. Thanks Zach

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