Guest Blog Post: An Open Letter from Pastor to Worship Leader (Sarcastic Version)

October is Guest Blogger Month at Church Music Today!  Here is our first post from Rev. Mark Williams, Pastor of Southside Baptist Church.  This is a funny – meant to be funny – letter from a Pastor to his Music Minister about what he expects out of their relationship.  Read it and laugh…again, it’s meant to be funny.  Don’t take this too seriously

Dear Song Leader,

As your pastor I am in authority over you and it is very important that you listen to every word that I say.  But please don’t tell the deacons I said that.  As your pastor, I have many expectations for you.

The first is the most important.  You need to understand your role in regard to the church as a whole.  God only intended music in worship services to fill time until the most important person comes to the platform, me.  But at the same time, don’t sing too many songs, I still expect to get out by noon for lunch.  And oh, by the way, please, please, please only sing songs we know!  Nobody wants to hear only your voice singing a praise chorus.

As your pastor, I have compiled a list of things that are my expectations for you.  If you heed them your ministry here at MY church will be prolonged.  If not, well, you will be picking out songs somewhere else.  Here they are:

1.  Dress for success. (Don’t come to the platform in clothes that don’t go together.  This is distracting and will take everyone’s eyes off me.)

2.  Please just sing, don’t talk. (If you talk too much you wind up discrediting your whole ministry.  After all, I’m the one who has been to seminary. Let me do the talking.)

3.  If you start a worship war, you are on your own!  (I have not been pastor here for the last 10 years because I pick fights!  Some things are better left alone.)

4.  When I nod my head, stop the invitation immediately.  (Anything less is frowned upon.  I will either have something more important to say or my stomach is growling.  Either way, it’s time for you to stop.)

I hope this has been helpful to you as a song leader.  Just remember, people come to church to hear the preacher so don’t do anything that will draw their attention away!  See you Sunday!


Dr. Arrogant Pastor

Our “real” blog post will come later this week!  And while we wait, let’s pray this is something that no one has ever experienced in the ministry!!!!!



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