Guest Blog Post: An Open Letter from Pastor to Worship Leader (sincere version)

October is Guest Blogger Month at Church Music Today!  Here is our first post from Rev. Mark Williams, Pastor of Southside Baptist Church.  Mark has written for our site on two separate occasions.  Check out his article on thematic worship here and the sarcastic version of the letter from the pastor to worship leader here.  For today’s post, Mark will share on the Pastor’s expectations of the Music Minister.

Dear Music Minister,

We are on this ministry journey together, seeking to equip the saints for the work of ministry.  Our purpose is to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ and lead others to love Him more.  God has called me to lead and with that comes great responsibility.  Great leaders surround themselves with godly people who have the same focus.

As a part of this staff, there are several expectations I have for you.  Please understand that my expectations pale in comparison to the expectations of our heavenly father.  So please keep the proper perspective understanding who the “Good Shepherd” is.  If you don’t please Him, it makes no difference who you do please.  If you displease Him, it makes no difference who you do please.

Here are my expectations:

1.  I expect you to be growing in the Lord.  This is THE most important thing for me.  We must be seeking God for ourselves in consistent time alone with Him and there ought to be evidence in our life that we are walking with Him.

2.  I expect honesty and trustworthiness.  If we are going to make a lasting impact for the kingdom and move this church in the direction that God wants it, we must stand beside and for one another.  It goes a long way in casting the vision for our church when we stand together as a unified front.

3.  I expect you to work out conflicts.  I want a staff atmosphere where we can have the difficult conversations about difficult topics.  I expect us to talk and work out our differences.

4.  I expect you to enjoy what you do, and laugh.  Negativity and discouragement creates a horrible work environment.  Lighten up!  Let’s utilize a little humor and have some fun doing ministry.

5.  And finally, I expect excellence.  I don’t expect you to be the best musician that has ever lived.  But I do expect you to do what you do with excellence and always continue to learn.

Your ultimate goal in ministry is not to please me, but to please Him!

In Christ,



Rev. Mark Williams is Pastor of Southside Baptist Church in Princeton, KY.  Mark’s previous church was Hawesville Baptist in Hawesville, KY.  He is from Shelbyville, KY and is married to his wife, Jessica and has to children (daughter, Madelyn and son, Noah).  Mark earned his undergraduate degree from Boyce College and Masters of Divinity at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.


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