NEW SERIES: Tools of the Trade


This month at ChurchMusicToday.Net we will be looking at “tools of the trade” that the contributors use each week at their place of ministry.  Moreover, we welcome some new writers on board with us this year!

First we welcome, Steven Skaggs, Interim Pastor at Muldraugh Hill Baptist Church in Kentucky.  Steven has written for us before.  Check out his guest blog post here.  Secondly, we welcome John Francis, Associate Pastor/Minister of Music at Beacon Hill Baptist Church in Kentucky.  Welcome, men!

I hope to add some more folks in the future so that we are putting out several articles a month with quality information to assist the part-time/volunteer/bi-vocational music and worship leaders in the US.

This month, each contributor will share three tools of the trade they use each week in their ministry (other than the Bible and a hymnal).  Here are mine:

1) CCLI SongSelect – A branch of the CCLI family, SongSelect offers every song registered with CCLI with either the sound samples, lyrics, chords, lead sheet, or 4-part (or all) to print in any key for a yearly fee on top of your CCLI membership.  An overview of prices can be found here.  I use this tool everyday while planning worship.  I can print friendly music to all instrumentalists: How Great Thou Art can be printed in 4-part Ab for the piano and organ and chords in G for the guitar, a lead sheet for me and lyrics can be used for the presentation software.  Check out more about CCLI SongSelect here.

2) – I like to use this site for moderate arrangements of songs.  CCLI SongSelect offers basic 4-part harmonization without accompaniment.  LifeWay Worship offers accompaniment to those songs (piano, organ, praise band and orchestration).  You can pay per song and only pay for the parts you want/need in your particular groups at your church.  Learn more about them here.

3) Social Media – (twitter/facebook) – Follow me on twitter here.  “Like” Church Music Today on facebook here (we have 100 likes!).  I use twitter and facebook for two reasons: 1) to stay current with news, artists, give-a-ways, and other churches 2) network with other ministers.  I have won registration to conferences, tickets to meet and see Casting Crowns, spoken with “high-profile” artists where without twitter that would have been very difficult!  I use facebook to network with many area music/worship ministers.  We even have a group where we can discuss issues, ask questions and pray for one another.  It’s nice to have that support!

What “tools of the trade” would YOU add to this list?  Leave a comment!

Stay tuned for more offerings from the contributors throughout the month.


2 thoughts on “NEW SERIES: Tools of the Trade

  1. Sovereigngracemusic has great music for congregational singing, excellent gospel sheet music too! Lead, guitar and piano sheets. We use heaps of their material.It has been consistently great for a decade or so.

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