Tools of the Trade


This month at ChurchMusicToday.Net we will be looking at “tools of the trade” that the contributors use each week at their place of ministry. Each contributor will share three tools of the trade they use each week in their ministry (other than the Bible and a hymnal).  Here are mine:

  1. YouTube – YouTube is a tremendous resource for the worship leader.  When I start to teach a new worship song I typically look for a YouTube link so that I can listen to the full song for free.  Sometimes you have to sort through several uploads to find the best version or one that includes lyrics.  You can also easily share it with your team via applications such as email, Facebook, and Twitter for rehearsal purposes.
  2. Easy Worship – Easy Worship is my worship software of choice.  I am “patiently” awaiting their new Mac release.  The reason I use Easy Worship is because it is well…. EASY.  You can easily import lyrics from CCLI Song Select, PowerPoint presentations, and stream online videos for your worship services.  I like Easy Worship because it makes sense to me.  Media Shout, Pro Presenter, Proclaim, etc are all good worship software resources but can require slightly more technical skill.  I need something that looks good and doesn’t take time away from other aspects of ministry.  That is why I use Easy Worship.
  3. Planning Center Online  – Planning Center is a great online subscription resource that allows you to plan multiple worship services from start to finish.  You can upload chord charts, schedule your people, tweet your worship set, etc.  It’s a basic one-stop hub for your worship ministry for you and your team.  Check it out!

What “tools of the trade” would YOU add to this list?  Leave a comment!

Stay tuned for more offerings from the contributors throughout the month.


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