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worship conferencesI really do not go to many conferences; however, one that I have attended for several years now is the Kentucky Baptist Convention Music Conference.  This conference usually runs in conjunction with the KBC Pastors conference.   One of the main highlights, for me, is that this conference is totally driven by Ministers of Music/Worship Leaders and for Ministers of Music/Worship Leaders. All the topics and breakout sessions are brought to the table by a committee of officers. In essence, the conference is peer designed and thus peer lead.  This tells me that the topics that are presented here are topics that are currently on the minds of my fellow Ministers of Music.

From kybaptist.org

As a Minister of Music in the Kentucky Baptist Convention, you are invited to join the Kentucky Baptist Music Conference.  The purpose of the KBMC is to encourage Christian fellowship among Kentucky Baptist music leaders and to promote the ministry of music in our church and in our denomination.  Membership is open to all Baptist church musicians, Baptist  music educators and other interested persons.

Membership Dues:

Full-time:  $50

Part-time/Volunteer:  $20

Students:  $10

Honorary Members:  No Dues

As a KBMC member, you will receive discounts in some of our other events:

$5 discount on registration for Senior Adult Choir Festival

No Church Audition Fee for All-State Children’s Choir

No Church Audition Fee for All-State Junior High Choir

$5 discount on Chorale Memberships in 2012-2013

(Chorale discount also applies to your church members)

From Last year’s conference (2012)

Conference Highlights

Our featured speaker will be Greg Allen, worship leader at Southeast Christian Church, Louisville.

Worshiping with a True Sense of Significance

Worshiping with a Sense of Desperation

Worshiping Out of the Overflow

Break-out sessions will include:

Creating Sacred Space led by Rod Ellis

Riches Stored in Secret Places led by Roxanne Nanny

Technology to Help Your Church Grow led by Dave Miller, Church Solutions Group

The Oddball Orchestra: Revolutionize Your Worship with Instruments of all Ranges. A Comprehensive Startup Guide led by John Francis

The Oddball Orchestra II: Resources and Practices for Sustaining Your Small to Mid-size Church Instrumental Ensemble led by John Francis

This year, 2013, the KBCMC will be at First Baptist Church Madisonville, KY. 



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