Biggest Challenges from Thom Rainer

Over at the Christian Post, Thom Rainer (CEO of LifeWay Christian Stores) shares the results from his latest informal twitter survey to church leaders about the “12 Biggest Challenges Pastors and Church Staff Face” found at the Christian Post website.  

Here are the highlights:

1. Apathy and internal focus. 

2. Staff issues. 

3. Leading and keeping volunteers. 

4. General time constraints. 

5. Getting buy-in from members. 

6. Generational challenges. 

7. Finances. 

8. Holding on to traditions. 

9. Criticism. 

10. Leadership development. 

11. Majoring on minors. 

12. Lack of true friends. 

Details from each number and a better overview can be found at this link.  What say you?  Agree or disagree?  I have experienced several of these challenges…and know of folks who are experiencing others as well.  Let’s pray for our leaders and seek God’s wisdom as we lead in the places He has planted us.  



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