Less Is More: Sound

(featured image from story church)

It’s been a while, but we’re back. Back to sharing some things that God has taught us in our ministries. Zach Rice and I will be sharing this month in a two-part post about the theme “Less Is More” that puts some of our practices in the spotlight to question how we use those practices and spotlight how they could be used in a way that potentially distracts us from our main goal in worship: to give God a response of praise because of who He is and what He has done for us. Today:
Audio/Visual Ministry…specifically, sound.

Sound: Less is more. I am no sound expert. Period. Many of you reading this blog are more experienced and trained with running/mixing sound than I. But, there are some basic tools that we all need to be reminded of:

1) Voices need to be heard above the music. Countless times I have been to worship events and concerts where the band was so loud you couldn’t understand the singer. Lyrics are kinda important to the song, no? In an audio training I once attended the instructor told us that when we mix our band blend as things need adjusting don’t start by turning things up, but start by turning other things down. It makes sense. Begin by getting individual checks, then groups and then overall mixes.

2) Do the hard work for your volunteers ahead of time and take good notes for them. If you have someone scheduled to sing with a CD or the band, rehearse well enough in advance where you can get them properly set and ready to sing in worship. Make great notes on your order of worship, planning center, whatever. Save yourself heartache and plan ahead so that you’re not “runnin’ around like a chicken with its legs cut off” as Uncle Si would say.

3) Train and thank your volunteers. Let’s face it, the A/V volunteers have a tough job. If you’re lucky, they won’t quit after their first day! The best thing I think we as leaders can do is train them and thank them. Find a qualified expert/professional in the area (could even be you, but I’ve found it is best to bring in a fresh voice and then tweak things later) to go over the basics of what they should do in worship and why. Next, we should thank them. Thank them for their time and talents by taking them out to eat, volunteer banquet, handwritten note cards, etc, you know the drill.

Those are three basic ideas about sound. What are other basic things we need to be reminded of? Please comment!


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