Less is More: Technology

We are living in a world that’s technologically advanced.  The majority of folks today have a smartphone that allows them to place and receive phone calls, check e-mail, search and connect on the web, etc.  How does that technology transfer over to our worship?

The majority of Baptist churches in Kentucky probably have some sort of lyric display setup.  Lyrics in the bulletin, on an overhead projector (don’t laugh…some churches STILL use those) or a projector(s)/screen(s) setup.  How we display those lyrics, announcements, videos are assisted by several software forms: Worship House Media, Easy Worship, Planning Center, BlueFish, SermonSpice, Igniter Media…just to name a few…the media volunteer has many platforms to choose from.

But, are they needed?


Simply put, projectors, videos, motion backgrounds on lyric slides are not commanded, but preferred with the majority of churches today?

Why so?

According to a survey at DontEatTheFruit, it says that 54% of church leaders do not discourage the use of technology in their worship services but a strong 35% say its becoming too much about technology.  Where do you stand and why?

Develop your stance on technology in worship.  Think about your list of goals for using tech in worship.  Does it distract worshippers from worshipping?  Do we need flowers blowing in the breeze in a field behind the lyrics to “Forever” by Chris Tomlin?  Do we need lights coordinated to the beat of the music?  Does each instrumentalist need their own in-ear monitor mixed specifically to them?  Do our projection systems need to be HD quality?  Or is HD outdated now?

In Missouri, there is a church where the pastor says, “Starting with last night’s service and continuing today, La Croix is hosting a Text Me Weekend. During these services the congregation texts questions on any subject relating to the Christian faith to Watts, with the questions projected on a screen. This was the second year for the event, which was inspired by similar events conducted by other churches across the country.”

Is that a REAL connection to the people?  Do we need technology to connect?  Does the use of it help us or hinder us?  Does it take away reverence or add to the reverence in worship?

Think about these things.


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