New Article – The Battle for the Atmosphere

The folks over at WORSHIP FUEL have posted a thread about “The Battle for the Atmosphere” that is worth the time to read.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Many people have learned to ride a wave of he spirit but the time has come to make a wave of the spirit. We carry the kingdom inside of us. Peace, righteousness, and joy. I can carry these things into any situation. I am looking forward to learning better how to do this.
So to do this I will be taking captive every thought against the fact that I am righteous. Don’t try to do righteous, be righteous. And of course this works for anything don’t try and do holy things be holy.
Do not adjust your expectations to the atmosphere.
The scripture in James “count it all joy.” Count it means a military term: general. Meaning let joy be your general. If you can maintain this joy, peace and righteousness it is easier to hear God’s voice.”


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