A Running List of Modern Hymns

I would like to starts a list of modern hymns written from 1990 on.  Can you help add one to the list? Technically, many songs today are in fact, hymns and once we get past the stylistic differences between these and hymns of old, they are the same structure.  Really, many modern worship songs can be made into a hymn (verse/chorus format) by simply omitting the bridge.  Omitting the bridge still keeps the intended songs’s meaning and makes it easier for the congregations to learn.  The Getty’s are be MAJOR players in this field, but there will be many other contributors.

Here is the beginning of a list with a media resource link if applicable:

I know you can help with this list, so just comment and I will add them as you send them…


18 thoughts on “A Running List of Modern Hymns

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    • In 1979 I wrote , words and music, “Hath He Not Made These Things” and “We Will Rest In His Love” 1979 copyright. I have printed copies that could be submitted for publication in hymnals If you have any information that could help, please contact Nona Vaught at tomandnona@twc.com thank you Nona Vaught

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  5. How about “Grace Unmeasured”, by Sovereign Grace Music?

    Bridges are an element in contemporary music that add more content to songs – a strike against those labeling contemporary Christian music as shallow.

    If a lot of other songs listed here are considered hymns, then I believe that many many Hillsong songs are hymns. A BRIEF list of Hillsong music that contain at least three verses:

    *Forever Reign
    *Desert Song
    *First and the Last
    *The Stand

  6. Do you have information about a book with the music for this? Like the Gather book in Catholic churches? Our LifeTeen Youth Group is looking for a collective book with a lot of these new songs in it.


    • Thanks for the comment! I know Lifeway.com has a hymnal called “the worship hymnal.” Song select from ccli.com has many of these in their subscription website. Lifewayworship.com wil have many to purchase via download. Also praisecharts.com


  7. Here are several praise and worships songs — that my church has done on regular basis in last 3-5 years — that I think could be considered a ‘modern hymn’:
    -From the Inside Out
    -Mighty to Save
    -No Sweeter Name
    -Thank You for the Cross
    -Who am I
    -How He Loves Us
    -God of This City
    -My Glorious

  8. Nothing but the blood of Jesus (Seventh Day Slumber).
    Come unto me (Hello August).
    Jesus paid it all (Four Days Late)

    Hello August is on an indie label and Four Days Late has disbanded.

  9. watchsong.com is run by a new composer, Paul Keew, who has been working on modern hymns with a lyricist friend. Not a huge list yet, but what he has is good, sound music.

  10. I am a modern hymn writer, and have written several, two of which are gaining a lot of traction in churches. One is a Christmas hymn titled “Christmas Prayer,” & the other is a Resurrection hymn titled “In Him We Stand.” The sheet music for both is available for free on my online ministry, http://www.freesacredmusic.com.

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