Inside LifeWay’s RedBox (Spring 2011)

The following is a preview to the Spring 2011 contents of LifeWay’s RedBox.  LifeWay has changed the name of their “Choral Club” packet to “The Red Box”.  Now, they are shipping the contents in…you guessed it…a red box.

In this shipment you will find:


Southern Gospel Classic Favorites for Every Choir with CD and book (Dennis Allen)

America, We Must Not Forget with cd and book (Harland/Machen)


My Tribute Medley

Al Your Promises Are True

All to Bring You Glory

I Believe God

You Are Lord of All

We the Church

Never Walk Alone

A Mighty Fortress (a personal favorite of mine)

I Then Shall Live

Immortal, Invisible

Come and See

Not Unto Us

The RedBox comes in three price packages.  You get a voucher for the same amount as your package.  Plus with this installment, they sent a $10.00 gift card good for 5 downloads.


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