A “Worship Matters” Interview with Sojourn Church in Louisville, KY

Over at Worship Matters, a friend of the site, Bob Kauflin recently wrote about the Sojourn worship team in Louisville, KY.  Here are his words:

This past weekend I had the joy of hanging out with Mike Cosper and the gang from Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, KY. Mike is one of the pastors at the church and heads up Sojourn Music. He’ll be leading a band for one of the main sessions at WorshipGod11 and also co-leading a guitar workshop on “tone, gear, and playing together.”

It was a quick trip that included leading a songwriting workshop, dinner at an amazing Mexican restaurant with a bunch of the guys who lead the music for Sojourn (including Jamie Barnes and Brooks Ritter), attending one of the Sunday AM meetings, and leading the singing for the two evening meetings (5 and 7PM).

I came away inspired, challenged, encouraged, and freshly aware of the beauty and power of the gospel. Here are some of things I appreciated about my time with Mike and the church.

1. A commitment to the church.

2. A commitment to the gospel.

3. A commitment to mentoring musicians and leaders.

4. A commitment to sound theology.

5. A commitment to rootedness and relevance.

6. A commitment to relationships.” 

This is a unique article due to us being rooted in Kentucky and our love of the Worship Matters site.  It is a perfect combination!  Moreover, this provides great thoughts about music for us to digest.  I don’t believe these are ranked in any way, so read freely.  Read his complete article here.

Our thanks to Bob Kauflin for re-tweeting our review of the album “Risen”!  Follow Bob on twitter here.


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